Weather Game Set

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Weather Match - this is a great matching activity for younger students that will help you initiate a discussion about weather and reinforce weather concepts. This activity includes the board and 19 weather related cards for students to match with the appropriate type of weather.

Crazy Twister Barrier Game - using barrier games is a great way to improve listening and giving directions and have students practice articulation, voice, and fluency carryover at many different levels. This game includes a game board (print as many as needed), house/tornado cards, and 24 weather question cards. This activity can be used with 2nd grade students up to middle school aged kids. Using the question cards is a great way to address and reinforce curriculum learning! Sample question: What temperature indicates how cold people feel when outside?
A) freezing point B) wind chill C) cold index

Weather Battle - this is a fun battle game that your students will love! This type of game is great for elementary and possibly even middle school students!

Weather Dominoes - use this game as a fun reinforcer as you work with your students and discuss weather. This game includes a set of 28 weather dominoes.

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