Valentine's Day Set

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  • Valentine Bingo

Contains: 5 game boards and call-out cards. To play, choose a call-out card. Every player finds the picture on his bingo board. The first person to cover 5 in a row yells out, "BINGO" and wins the game. There are many variations and ways to play bingo.

  • Valentine Dice Game -

Each player receives a game board.  Give each player 6 tokens or place markers of your choosing. Choose the player that will go first.    The players take turns rolling the dice. When the player rolls a Valentine character that he has not covered with a token, he covers it. If he rolls a character he has already covered, he does not cover anything, and it is the next personís turn.   The first person to cover all of the characters wins.

  • Catch Cupid Board Game

The first person to catch Cupid is the winner! Fun idea: use conversation hearts as game markers!

  • Cupid's Revenge Battle Card Game

Kids love Battle games! The person with the strongest card wins the round. If 2 players have the strongest card, they must BATTLE! When all the cards are gone, the person with the most cards is the winner. This card game can be great as a fun way to end a therapy session, or students can receive a battle card after each "talking turn".

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