Speecho 1 & 2 Card Games

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These games are similar to Uno, but students must answer a speech or language stimulus question before playing a card. My elementary students love playing this game and it may also be effective for middle school students.  


Target ALL areas of communication!


Here are some examples of the types of stimulus questions

 in SPEECHO 1 & 2:


 Language Skills

  • How questions How do you wash a dog?

  • Naming Name 3 things you wear on your wrist

  • Associations Name something that goes with a plane

  • Opposites Name the opposite of leave

  • Similarities/Differences Horse and chicken

  • Describing Describe an airport

 Articulation Skills

  • Name 2 jobs that have your speech sound

  • Name something blue with your speech sound

  • Say a sentence about a mother

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