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Speech Aliens Board Game



This board game contains a game board and a set of 36 speech question and action cards. When a player lands on an alien space, he must complete a speech task and then go forward or backward the number of spaces indicated. The first person to reach Saturn is the winner! This game can be used to target all areas of communication: ARTICULATION, LANGUAGE (similarities and differences, naming, defining, describing, explaining, sequencing), VOICE and FLUENCY!

Examples of Questions:

Tell the steps you take to get your food in the cafeteria

Go ahead 1 space


An evil Martian is about to attack you, tell him what the word punished means

Go back 1 space


On the planet Zoombie, there are no trees. Describe what a tree looks like so the Zoombians will know.

Stay where you are


Practice your alien speech by saying this alien phrase:

Shee co rip gop fu eech pow

Go ahead 1 space



Alien Dominoes Game


This game contains a set of 28 alien character dominoes. This game can be played as a reinforcement activity for any communication skill practice. Use this game to target specific skills. Language (describe the aliens, tell what they are doing, what they look like, where they are, describe the different aliens’ similarities and differences), Articulation (use this game as a carryover activity), Fluency & Voice Skills (use this game as time for practicing fluency techniques and/or good voice habits).  


Space Battle Card Game


Kids love Battle games!! The person with the strongest card wins the round. If 2 players have the same card, they must BATTLE! When all the cards have been dealt, the person with the most cards is the winner. This card game can be used as a fun way to end a therapy session, or students can receive a battle card after each "talking turn". This game is great for groups of all sizes, just print enough cards to accommodate the number of players you have.

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