President's Day Set

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This set includes:

American Presidents Cards - 44 cards with information about each of the American presidents to date. These cards could be used to address reading or listening comprehension. These would be great for older students, but could also be used with younger kiddos. Learn who the first president to ride in a helicopter was, which president wore size 14 shoes, also learn about the different presidential pets.

Cha Ching Money Lotto Game - with picture and word clues this game is appropriate for elementary through middle school kids. Use describing and listening skills to tell about the pictures or use mathematical skills, reasoning, context clues, etc to figure out the answers to the word clues.

Chain of Command Battle Game - my students love battle games. Keep students motivated and working hard with this quick reinforcement after their talking turns!

Election Day - this is another quick play reinforcement game. At the end the player with the most votes is elected Speech Class President!

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