Patriotic Game Set

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Speech Soldiers Board Game 

This games includes the game board and 36 speech/language question cards. Sample questions Speech: General Speecho says tell the soldier next to you about a time when you remembered to use your target sound at home. Language: Lieutenant Lingo says name 3 animals that can be pets. Ask the soldier next to you if he has any of these pets. Do you?

America Lotto 

This game contains 4 lotto boards and picture/question call out cards. Students will learn about American landmarks, leaders, and places as you play AMERICA Lotto.

 Army Battle  

Your speech kids will enjoy this unique battle game as they move up in the ranks! The person with the strongest card wins the round. If 2 players have the same card, they must BATTLE! When all the cards are gone, the person with the most cards is the winner. This card game can be great as a fun way to end a therapy session, or students can receive a battle card after each "talking turn". This game is great for groups of all sizes, just print enough cards to accommodate the number of players you have. I have played this game with as many as 12 players.

Also included: Patriotic Vocabulary Sheet - a list of patriotic vocabulary categorized by target sound.

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