Ocean Adventure

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Ocean Adventure Board Game

This open-ended board game contains a game board and a set of 20 questions about ocean animals Target all areas of communication while playing this fun game! ARTICULATION, LANGUAGE, VOICE & FLUENCY!

Examples of Questions:

This animal starts with an "S." What is the name of a mammal that lives in the ocean and on the beach? Like other mammals, they breathe air. They swim with flippers and eat fish. Answer: Seal or Sea lion  

This animal starts with an "L." It is a hard-shelled animal that walks along the bottom of the sea. What is it called? Answer: Lobster


 Ocean Creature Dominoes Game

This game contains a set of 28 ocean creature dominoes. This game can be played as a reinforcement activity for any communication skill practice. Use this game to target specific skills. Language (describe the ocean creatures, tell what they are doing, what they look like, where they are, describe the different ocean creatures' similarities and differences), Articulation (use this game as a carryover activity), Fluency & Voice Skills (use this game while practicing fluency techniques or good voice habits).   

Food Chain Battle Card Game 

This is the game that started it all! Where are you on the FOOD CHAIN? You must BATTLE to find out! The highest fish on the food chain wins the round. If 2 players have the same card, they must BATTLE! When all the cards have been dealt, the person with the most cards is the winner. This card game can be great as a fun way to end a therapy session or students can receive a battle card after each "talking turn". This game is great for groups of all sizes, just print enough cards to accommodate the number of players you have. I have played this game with as many as 12 players.

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