Occupations Card Game

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The Occupations game is a simple card game that has the potential to get students thinking and talking!! It can be used as a simple reinforcer after a "talking turn" or it can be used as the stimulus itself.

This game contains a set of 63 occupation and consequence cards. When a student draws a card, he must describe the worker's occupation and answer questions about the worker (some sample questions provided). If a player draws a consequence card, he must follow the instructions (i.e. "Overtime" (means the player should draw another card), or "Late for work, put 1 card back"). The game ends when all of the cards have been given out or time runs out. The person with the most worker cards is the winner!

Just a few sample questions:

      1.    What is this personís job?

2.    Does this person work during the day? Or at night?

3.    How is this personís job important to you?

4.    What kind of training does this person need to do his/her job?

5.    Does this job require manual labor? Lifting, etc?

Use this game to target LANGUAGE, ARTICULATION, VOICE &/or FLUENCY SKILLS! Use this game with elementary and/or middle school students!

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