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Set 1 - Meet More Speech Kids

1. Meet the Speech Kids book

Use this book to introduce the rest of the Speech Kids to your speech kids.  Each Speech Kid has a target sound (k/g, f/v, l, s/z, r, th, ch, sh) and a few of them are also working on language, voice and fluency).  The book has wh questions after each character description.  Use these questions to elicit targeted responses for articulation, voice and fluency, or to reinforce listening comprehension, listening for details, answering wh questions correctly, recalling information, etc. 

2. Speech Kids Coloring Sheets

This is a set of 15 coloring sheets.
You asked and Perkilou has answered: counterparts for the previous Speech Kids so boys working on /ch/ don’t have to color a girl, girls working on /r/ don’t have to color a boy! This set of coloring sheets features all of the new Speech Kids plus 4 of their friends who are working on additional skills.


3. Which One?

This barrier game is played like “Guess Who?” featuring the old and new Speech Kids and friends. Barrier Games promote listening and speaking, and help to strengthen your students' semantic, syntactic, and pragmatic language skills.

Set 2: Speech Kids Social Skills

1. All Around The Town Lotto Game

This game covers receptive and expressive language, social skills, inferences, independent thinking and/or group thinking and sharing, etc. Students will give advice to the Speech Kids when they find themselves in various situations. This game includes game boards and 54 social language scenario cards. Discuss social situations in 9 different settings all around the town!

 2.  More Favorite Things Book

Use this book to elicit responses from word level to conversation and to address categories, naming, and describing with students working on language.

3. Homework Bookmarks

Thought bubble bookmarks featuring your choice of 20 different Speech Kid characters.  Use them to target various skill areas (speech, language, and social skills!)

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