Monsters Set

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This set includes:

Monster Marathon Board Game - included 4 game boards, each with a different monster action, monster action playing cards, monster game markers. Give each student a game board, after each talking turn allow the student to draw an action card. If the player draws his own action, he can move ahead. If the player draws another player's action, he must give the card to that player.  This game would be great as a reinforcement activity after talking turns and will also encourage social interaction between t he players.

Monster Mash Card Game - these cards can be used as stimulus cards for language, articulation, voice and fluency practice. One monster characteristic is described on each card. The players should name something else about the monster or the student can make a sentence about the monster using the words provided. Use this to teach/reinforce attention to details, describing, similarities and differences, word, phrase, & sentence level articulation skills. For this game the students will need "Monster Mashers" (otherwise known as fly swatters!)

"Herman the Scary Monster" Book - this is a cute story about Herman the Monster and a big problem that he has!


Scared or Scary Grab Bag Game - after reading the story about Herman students can play a game with him! This game is a great team work game and one students will really enjoy! Use this after talking turns as a reinforcement activity.


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