Speech Jeopardy #1 - R, S, Th, SH

Speech Jeopardy #2 - F, K, G, L

Blends Jeopardy

Language Jeopardy

Language Jeopardy #2


Game Instructions and Tips


First things first

Save the Jeopardy Games to your computer.

Copy and Paste the characters your kids choose

from the characters page onto the podium page.

After you start the show, have each player type his/her name.


It should look like this:

When a player answers, go to the score board page

and let him enter the $$ amount he won.


Game Play

To play Jeopardy, have a player pick a category and $ amount.

Read the answer aloud.

When a players knows the question,

he hits the desk, raises his hand or rings a buzzer (Google search Eggspert for a great buzzer ). 

If the player answers correctly he gets that amount of money.

If he is incorrect he loses that much money

and the other players get a chance to guess.

Final Jeopardy

Save the last question of the game for FINAL JEOPARDY

(Blends Jeopardy has a Final Jeopardy question in the game already).

Give each player a sticky note and a pen.

Have him write how much money he wants to risk and write the answer.

If he answers the question correctly, he gains that much money.

If he is incorrect, he loses that much money

The player with the most money at the end is the winner.

*REMEMBER when playing Jeopardy, the answer is provided

and the players must answer in the form of a question.

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