Germs Set

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This set includes:

Germ Q & A cards - this is a deck of 27 cards with varying types of questions, including true or false, wh- questions, and fill-in-the-blank. These cards can be used while playing the following germ games. As students read and answer questions, they will learn important information about germs and how to use good habits to stopping germ spreading.

Pass the Belly Bug Barrier Game - this barrier game activity includes a game board (print one for each player), tracking sheet, kid & belly bug cards. Barrier games are useful for language skill building (auditory processing, giving & following directions, requesting clarification, describing, understanding & using spatial concepts, etc) as well as speech skill building and reinforcement!

Draw A Germ - this game has 2 formats to accommodate both older and younger students and includes a picture dice for younger kiddos. Students will enjoy seeing their roll-a-dice germ creation at the end of this game. Skills used during this activity include counting, drawing, using imagination, following directions, taking turns, understanding adjectives.

Germs Everywhere Book - this is an interactive book that will appeal to preschool through upper elementary students. As you read the first part of the story, students can Velcro germs to the different surfaces mentioned. The second part of the story explains how to get rid of the germs and students can participate by Velcroing the items necessary to remove the germs. This activity can help teach students and increase their awareness of germs, how they are spread, and how to get rid of them. A great discussion starter!

Wash Germs Away Sequencing File Folder Activity - this activity can be used for groups or individuals. Students learn six steps for washing germs away. Materials include poster/sequencing cards, file folder sequencing

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