Farm Game Set

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This set includes:

Farm Lotto - includes five game boards and associated playing cards. Each card has a question and matching picture. Sample question: What is type of meat that comes from a cow and is not served on a bun? a steak

My Little Farm Dice Game - students take turns rolling a farm die and adding farm pictures to their little farm boards. The first person to collect all 6 farm characters (farmer, cow, horse, pig, chicken, sheep) is the winner!

Farm Fun Cards - these cards can be used to play go fish or matching memory game. They can also be used as stimulus cards for the dice game or the farm board game. Use them to have students describing and name the pictures while working on all areas of communication!

Out to Pasture Board Game - This simple board game can be used with a number of stimulus items as a fun reinforcement. The space are big enough for you to write target words/vocabulary in them.

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