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Happy Harvest
Barrier Game
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Build-A-Scarecrow Game

During this simple dice game, players take turns rolling the die and collecting the corresponding body parts.

The first player to build his scarecrow wins the game.

Use this game for teaching/reinforcing naming body parts or clothing, numbers 1-6, part to whole concept, and turn taking skills.

Happy Harvest Barrier Activity

Students will enjoy talking about fall/harvest sights as they give and receive instructions during this barrier activity.
Target receptive and expressive language skills, plus articulation, fluency, and voice carryover.
**Benefits and uses of barrier games**

This game contains four game boards and corresponding picture cards. Great for teaching seasonal vocabulary and spatial concepts.


Fall Families Ordering Game

This is a reinforcer game, but also addresses ordering from smallest to largest and largest to smallest.

This reinforcer game contains a set of four game boards (print as many as needed) and playing cards.


This is a set of board games. Each player gets to have his own game board and die. The first "spider" to reach his web is the winner. Use this open-ended activity as you address your students' individual communication needs.




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