Easter Set

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This set contains 5 fun games:

Spring Barrier Game - contains the barrier game board and games pieces about Easter and spring. Barrier games are useful for addressing following directions, requesting clarification, attention to detail, using spatial concepts and MUCH MORE!

Easter Egg Hunt Board Game - while playing this board game your students will "hunt eggs" as they make their way to the finish. The player with the most eggs in his basket will be the winner!

Easter Lotto - this lotto game contains 5 lotto game boards and playing cards with both pictures and questions.

Bunny Battle - your students will enjoy battling to see who has the strongest bunny while playing this card game!!

Build a Bunny - this game includes a dice, bunny parts, and two types of game boards. There are two ways to play this game: younger students can use the bunny pieces while older students can draw their own bunnies!

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