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This game is GREAT for addressing the use of social/pragmatic skills. Discuss appropriate and inappropriate classroom behaviors (i.e. raising your hand, sitting "crisscross applesauce", fighting, nap time, paying attention to the teacher, sharing with classmates, saying the pledge, picking your nose, thumb sucking, using an "inside voice", keeping your shoes tied, bullying, cheating, being respectful, etc...).


The object of these games is to create matching picture scenes by following the directions given (i.e. "put the girl that is raising her hand by the chalkboard". Request for clarification, "which girl the one sitting on the floor or the one in a desk?"). Directions can be as simple or as complex as needed. There are several similar game pieces, so students must give detailed descriptions to ensure the correct piece is chosen.


This barrier game can be used to target social/pragmatic skill and receptive and expressive language skills! Also target articulation carryover, voice and fluency skills!

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