Barrier Game Sets

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Barrier games require students to interact and use language to complete a task by giving and receiving instructions. Barrier Games promote listening and speaking, and help to strengthen your students' semantic, syntactic, and pragmatic language skills. Other language skills addressed include auditory processing, following directions, understanding & using spatial concepts, requesting clarification, and describing skills. You can also use barrier games to target articulation, voice, and fluency skill!


Each game includes a game board and several game pieces (print as many as needed!).

 The object of these games is to create matching picture scenes by following the directions given (i.e. put the orange starfish with water around it in the water). Directions can be as simple or as complex as needed. There are several similar game pieces, so students must give detailed descriptions to ensure the correct piece is chosen.


 These games can be used with a small group of students, it is not limited to just a group of 2.


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