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School Lotto
Contains: 5 game boards and question call-out cards. To play have the students take turns reading clues. Have one student read a clue, and then the other students should raise their hands if they know the answer. Choose one person to answer. Then have the reader ask that person the question on the bottom of the card and give the answer. *For younger students have them name the picture.  Give the picture to the person who has it on his game board. The first person to fill their game board is the winner. Sample clue/question: This is your break time during the day. During this time you can run outside and play with your friends. (recess) What is your favorite thing to do at recess?

My School Dice Game
Contains: 1 School-themed Dice and Game boards. Each player receives a game board.  Give each player 6 tokens or place markers of your choosing. Choose the player that will go first.    The players take turns rolling the dice. When the player rolls a School character that he has not covered with a token, he covers it. If he rolls a character he has already covered, he does not cover anything, and it is the next personís turn.   The first person to cover all of the characters wins.

School Day Board Game
Younger students: Have students take turns choosing color cards and moving to the appropriate colored space. The first player to reach FINISH is the winner.

Older students: When a student rolls the die, have him move ahead that number of spaces and then answer the associated question . (i.e. if he rolls a 5, he answers question #5.) If a player rolls 6 he may answer any question he wants to answer. The first player to land on the finish is the WINNER!!!

Sample Questions for the bus picture:
1. How do you get to school?
2. How do you get home from school?

Describe your bus driver or the person who brings you to school.
4. Where do you go after school?
5. Who rides home from school with you?

School Battle Card Game
A new type of battle game! The cards themselves have the stimulus built into them!! There are many different pictures in this battle game. Play it the traditional way, or make it a describing language game. The person with the strongest card wins the round. If 2 players have the same card, they must BATTLE! When all the cards are gone, the person with the most cards is the winner. This card game can be great as a fun way to end a therapy session, or students can receive a battle card after each "talking turn".

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