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Feed Spike
Feed Spike File Folder Activity
Types of Apples Coloring
Apple Taste Test

Apple Taste Test Coloring Sheet

New: Dinosaur Egg Hunt Game
Expand this game by hiding other items
 in the eggs besides dinosaurs! 
Mommy's Corner
Summer Fun Bag Idea

Print out this idea sheet and put inside a ziploc bag with a package of army men.

Feeling Bingo FREE!!
Use this game to teach emotion vocabulary, and to address language and pragmatic skills, such as, listening, answering questions, social responses, turn-taking, etc...
Introducing Homework Hero!

Homework Hero Intro
& Coloring Sheet

SSK Coloring Sheet 

Thematic Units Calendar
Perkilou's Percentages
Quick Reference Guide

Freebie Books
Haunted House Song
2. Orange Pumpkin What Do You See?
3. Candy Cane What Do You See?
4. Frosty What Do You See?
5. A Snowy Day
6. February Fun Facts
7. Leprechaun's Lucky Day
Summer Is Coming!

9. Kylie Goes Shopping
Assemble your books (how to)

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Any Year
Summer Speech & Language
Homework Calendars

100+ Ways to Praise A Child

Any Year Articulation
Summer Homework Calendar

My Spider Web Worksheets

If you like this activity,
check out the games that go with it!
Fall Set & Halloween Set

Click to Download
Game idea that would be great for all ages.
Playing cards included.
You can find the burger sets at places that sell items for $1, like Dollar Tree.

Door Hangers for your

speech therapy room


Power Point Games

Click the link above to view the games available.

Scooby Doo Game

Click to Download

Sponge Bob Squarepants Board Game

Sponge Bob Game Markers

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